Universal Extruder

Universal Extrusion Platform

40mm Universal Extrusion Platform (MU-40):

The Universal extrusion platform is a multi-flex platform which can be operated as a

  • single screw extruder,
  • fully intermeshing co-rotating twin screw extruder,
  • fully intermeshing counter rotating twin screw extruder,
  • tangential co-rotating twin screw extruder,
  • tangential counter rotating twin screw extruder.
  • One of the configurations involves twin screws with a nominal diameter of 40mm and the length of the machine is variable in 5/1 L/D sections up to 40/1 L/D maximum. However, depending on the nature of the application the extruder can be custom designed for other sizes also.

    The 40mm Universal features barrel sections that are both horizontally and vertically split. The barrel can be separated at the horizontal split line and the entire upper barrel section opened via the hydraulic power unit for ease of cleaning and maintenance. This also allows for easy access to change out and re-configure the agitator assemblies. The barrel sections are electrolysis nickel-plated on the exterior surfaces to aid in cleaning and to prevent corrosion of the components.

    A data acquisition and control system is provided. This state-of-the art open architecture PC laptop based system includes full instrumentation to monitor and control zone temperatures and screw speed, and monitor product temperatures, process pressures and screw torque. The software allows remote operation of the unit as well as remote data collection; either wireless or via the internet.

    • Versatility in the number of screws: Same extrusion platform provides single or twin screw extrusion

    • Versatility in rotational directions of the screws in twin screw extrusion: co-rotating or counter-rotating

    • Versatility in the degree of intermesh between the two screws: any degree of intermesh from fully-intermeshing to tangential for both the co and counter-rotating twin screw extrusion

    • Versatility in length: ability to decrease or increase the length of the extruder to suit your immediate application

    • Versatility in feed, devolatilization and sensor locations: ability to change the locations of the feed ports, the devolatilization port and the locations of the sensors to fit your daily needs.

    • Splittable barrel: Ability to collect samples and study your degree of fill profile easily, rapid hydraulic opening of the barrel sections

    • PC based control and data acquisition: No more captive PLC’s , always stay current, do your own programming

    • Control remotely using wireless or internet access: Run the unit from anywhere and collect your data at any location in the world on the fly.

    • Designs based on mathematical modeling of the processing of your own material: Custom design and manufacture for your material, a first in the industry

    • Explosion proof version: For energetics and other precarious materials including some types of pharmaceutical precursors

    • General purpose platform: For running inert materials which do not require explosion proofing

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