Mini Extruder

MP&R™ Model ME7.5 Twin-Screw Extruder

This extruder is designed using mathematical modeling and built for the distribution and coating of energetic nanoparticles. The twin screws have a diameter of 7.5 mm, are co-rotating, fully intermeshing and self wiping with an L/D of 15/1. The barrel is horizontally split and held together with quick release clamps, allowing quick opening and easy access to the agitators. The barrel and die are cored and zoned for circulation of heating or cooling fluid. It is constructed of 17-4 ph stainless steel in condition H-1150 and is ferritic nitro carburized yielding a surface hardness of 62 RC and a low coefficient of friction. It contains two main feed ports (for feeding solids and/or liquids ) and a vent port for drawing vacuum. The system is capable of temperatures up to 4500 F and pressures of 1500 psig.

Mini Extruder

The solid agitators are designed and built on a custom basis for each application via computer modeling. They are precision tooled from solid bar stock thereby yielding better torsional and bending strengths versus segmented designs for these small diameters. Screw to barrel clearance is less than .002 inches. The machine is supplied with a novel agitator shaft arrangement which can be quickly removed without tools. The agitators are driven with a hydrostatic drive system as standard equipment requiring 110V or an optional variable frequency AC drive for non explosion proof applications. The in-line die is cored and zoned for temperature control and instrumented with a control thermocouple and combination pressure/temperature transducer. The standard die is a slit design, but the die geometry can be designed via mathematical modeling and rheological characterization of the material to generate the desired extrudate shape.

Mini Extruder

Data Acquisition:
A data acquisition and control system is provided. This state-of-the art open architecture PC laptop based system includes full instrumentation to monitor and control zone temperatures and screw speed, and monitor product temperatures, process pressures and screw torque. The software allows remote operation of the unit as well as remote data collection; either wireless or via the internet.

  • Use for twin screw testing, sample production, research, instruction and training.

  • Realistic and scaleable co-rotating twin screw operation.

  • Low volume materials requirements - 50 to 200 gr/hr.

  • Fully configured co-rotating twin screw - many screw geometries and materials of construction available.

  • Control system - wireless../internet/..remote.

  • Barrel and die are jacketed for thermal process conditioning [heating or cooling].

  • Multiple solids feed ports, liquid injection port and vent/vacuum port.

  • Variable speed hydrostatic drive system, remotely located hydraulic power unit - power requirement of 110 volts.

  • Quick open, easily cleaned and disassembled.

  • Portable-can be placed in hood - weighs about 40 lbs.-ex remote hydraulic power unit

  • Multiple extrusion die configurations available.

  • Available auxiliaries: Micro solids & liquid feeders Mini vacuum systems Mini heating and/or cooling units Grinders / Chill rolls / Pelletizer