Our Company

MP&R is a privately owned company, specializing in computer modeling/ simulation and design of equipment for highly filled materials used in energetics, ceramics, magnetics, pharmaceutical, personal care, composites, polymers, rubber, batteries and food industries. Since 1992 MP&R has completed numerous government and commercial contracts to supply computer modeling, rheological characterization, design methodologies for dies and mixer/extruders for processing of highly filled materials. MP&R has also supplied custom equipment, including specialized continuous processors and parts, dies for extrusion and co-extrusion, rheometers and other related hardware.

MP&R’s technology strengths include rheological characterization of complex fluids, computer modeling/simulation of continuous mixers /extruders and extrusion dies. MP&R’s ‘Universal’ is a highly flexible 40mm extrusion system that incorporates co and counter rotation with single or twin screws…..on a common platform. MP&R’s ‘Mini’ 7.5mm mixer/extruder is the world’s smallest co rotating twin screw. MP&R also supplies on-line and off-line rheometers including the squeeze flow rheometer, capillary and slit rheometers. All can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

MP&R has a license agreement with Technology Holdings LLC, which is licensed to commercialize the technologies and patents of Stevens Institute of Technology. This license agreement covers the on-line rheometry and extrusion technologies developed at Stevens under the auspices of the Highly Filled Materials Institute. MP&R is pleased to contribute to the Technogenesis education environment of Stevens Institute of Technology where Technogenesis is the educational frontier where faculty, students and colleagues in industry jointly nurture the process of conception, design and marketplace realization of new technologies.